Coaching Contracts/Agreements

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One tool that I have always found helpful when presented with a coaching opportunity is a coaching contract or agreement. I am not referring to a legally binding contract full of legal jargon and very fine print. I am referring to a document that outlines what the teacher can expect from you as the coach, and what you expect from the teacher throughout the process. A quick Google search will give you a wide variety of agreements that you can use and change to fit your situation. One of my favorite agreements to use is from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI). You can find a copy here. This contract is specifically created for coaching on Pyramid Model Practices but will give you an idea of what a good contract or agreement should include.

Coaches Responsibilites

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • observations
  • respect your educational beliefs and values
  • focus on strengths
  • use a variety of tools for assessment
  • offer guidance and support
  • adapt my coaching to your learning style
  • support you in professional development
  • follow through
  • be organized and prepared
  • be approachable and trustworthy
  • be respectful, non-judgmental, and supportive

Teacher Responsibilities

  • build positive relationships with my students, families, peers, and coach
  • create an environment that supports children’s growth and positive behavior
  • learn and implement a variety of social-emotional strategies in the classroom
  • Recognize when behaviors require an individualized interventions
  • Collaborate with all pertinent persons when creating a behavior plan
  • provide coach with data when asked
  • take charge of prioritizing my own goals
  • continuously work to implement changes in my teaching practices
  • be organized and prepared for our coaching meetings
  • be approachable and trustworthy
  • be open to suggestions
  • ask for what I need


When a contract or agreement is in place, both teacher and coach know what is expected of each other. This helps in creating a collaborative and trustworthy relationship. The agreement takes away any uncertainty as to why you are there, what you will be doing, and who you will be sharing the information with. This is very beneficial to all parties, but especially to those teachers who are reluctant or nervous about having you in the classroom. Having a contract or agreement also makes the process feel more professional rather than a casual process that may or may not be implemented.

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