Personal Development is Personal!

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One of my favorite things to do is learn something new. I spend many hours per week seeking out new information that adds value to my life. You could say that I am hooked on personal growth. I read every single day. Every. Single Day. Books are medium of choice. 90% of my book choices are centered around personal growth, whether its a subject on leadership, education, history, or an interesting biography, I make a point to read at least one hour per day. I am also in the last semester of my Master’s program and the reading assignments, discussions, and homework that is assigned acts as another form of personal development.

I recently came across a tweet where the poster was shocked and appalled that someone had mentioned they didn’t have time to tweet. The poster sent out a call to help this poor misguided soul to see the error of her ways and the value in tweeting. I was surprised at the poster’s presumption that HER most valued method of personal development (Twitter) was not valued by another and that somehow this person needed convincing. Personal development is a personal journey, and a person’s preferred method of personal development should not judged by anyone else. I do not care for webinars. I will watch and listen when I believe the information will add greater value than the inconvenience it causes me to watch and listen, and only if the information can’t be consumed in another medium. There are thousands upon thousands of people that could make a great argument as to how helpful and informative webinars are. However, their opinions are not going to make me enjoy them, and in fact, if I were to decide to take their opinions to heart and add webinars to my daily practice, one of 2 things would happen. One, I would learn to like them. Two, I would continue to dislike them and would begin to dread personal development. Any time any person is pursuing personal development should be encouraged and applauded, not made to feel they are doing it wrong!

I would love to hear what YOU do every day to grow. Share your comments below!

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